Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Friday 7 April 2017

Dick Cliffe standing for Penzance Central (Cornwall Council)

     I am standing for election to Cornwall Council (Penzance Central Ward) as an Independent member because I care about Penzance, believe it has great unrealized potential and I want make a difference.  I have been involved in the public life of Penzance for about 8 years, initially in the Chamber of Commerce (Chair for 3 years) and since 2013 as a Penzance Town Councillor.

You can read my election leaflet here  but a summary of my priorities follows:

   Regeneration.  Progress has been made in Penzance (e.g. St John’s Hall, Jubilee Pool) but the Town Centre and Harbour remain in need in investment.

   Tidying up Penzance.  Improving the appearance of Penzance Town Centre does not require vast investment - it needs cooperation and attention to detail.    It is entirely ‘do-able’. 

   Penzance Harbour.  The Harbour remains Penzance’s greatest neglected asset. It is an eyesore when it ought to be a gem and it contributes far less to the local economy than it should.  There needs to be a strategy for eventually devolving the Harbour from Cornwall Council so it is under local control.  In the short term there needs to be a solution to traffic chaos caused by HGV vehicles waiting to unload.

   Defending Services and Facilities.  Relentless pressure to reduce budgets is resulting in services and facilities being neglected or cut back to unacceptable levels.  If elected, I would work with fellow councillors to defend services and facilities.

  Housing.  There is an acute shortage of homes to either rent or buy for people on average and low incomes in Penzance.  If not resolved Penzance will suffer with young families finding homes outside of the area leading to falling school rolls and an aged local population.  Priority needs to be given to building on brownfield sites.  Several developments are due to start this year.  

  Health & Social Care.  See manifesto/leaflet at link below....

Link to leaflet:

Dick's campaign Facebook page: 

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