Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Monday 3 September 2018

Penzance East Town Council Vacancy

There will be an election to fill the Town Council vacancy in Penzance East Ward (at least 10 electors have requested an election).  The date of the election has not yet been decided by Cornwall Council Electoral Services.  The timescales for submitting nomination papers once the date is notified (Notice of Election) is usually very tight.  The Notice of Election has to be issued not later that 25 days before the date of the poll and closing date for nominations is 19 days before date of poll.  There can be just one week to get nominations papers, complete them and return them by hand to Electoral Services at St Austell.

Eligibility to stand as a candidate is explained here – in brief you can stand if you are on the electoral roll of Penzance Parish, live in Penzance (anywhere in the Parish) or within 3 miles of the Parish boundary or work in the Parish.  You should identify all the ways you qualify in case your circumstances change in the future.  You also need two voters from Penzance East ward to nominate you.  You need to check that you are not disqualified from standing.

If you are standing on behalf of a registered party then the party officials will know the ropes.  There is special guidance for independent candidates here.

Do read the Electoral Commission guidance on eligibility closely - the advice above is just a summary and the eligibility detail matters.

Not sure what Councillors' responsibilities are - well start here with the Good Councillor Guide.

Website links:

Cornwall Council Town & Parish Council Vacancies (currently showing that Penzance will have an election) 

Cornwall Council Current and Forthcoming Elections (will publish Notice of Election for Penzance East soon).

Good Councillor Guide (from National Assn. of Local Councils).