Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Thursday 14 September 2017

Penzance & Newlyn – Consultation on Road Restrictions (yellow lines)

Cornwall Council is consulting on 63 changes to road markings over Penzance and Newlyn. The consultation closes on 29 Sep 2017.

Most of the changes are minor and arise from public comments on earlier consultations but some are Cornwall Council proposals with substantial impact on the public and local residents (I was not aware of these when endorsing the consultation).

The 63 changes are organized into two separate consultations - "Penzance North" (38 changes) and "Penzance South & Newlyn" (25 changes).

Each consultation has an area map and a list of consultation notices (detailed maps of specific streets with changes marked).

You need to explore the map to find proposed changes. The consultation notice reference number will be nearby. Look up the reference number on the list of consultation documents.

Penzance North - map
Penzance North - list of consultation docs

Penzance South & Newlyn - map
Penzance South & Newlyn (link corrected 15 Sep) - list of consultation documents


Examples of larger changes.

Newlyn (The Coombe) – proposed restrictions here

Cornwall Terrace & Western Promenade here

Under Chapel Yard/Coinagehall St/Green St/Netloft Court here

Voundervour Lane here

The above changes are just 4 out 63 proposed changes.

How to Comment 

You can comment online (you will need to register) or you can complete a comment form and email or post it back (see item 1 on the list of consultation documents).