Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Saturday 6 May 2017

Penzance Town Council Election Results

Penzance Promenade (4 places)

----Nigel Pengelly (Future for Penzance)  745 Elected

----Nigel Waller (Ind)  632 Elected

----Dick Cliffe (Ind)   672 Elected

----Tracey Halliday (Ind) 607  Elected

----William Morris (Green) 415 Not Elected

Penzance Central (4 places)

----Penny Young (Lib Dem)  740 Elected

----Nicole Broadhurst (Lab) 611 Elected

----Will Elliott (Con) 349 Elected

----Simon Reed (Ind) 300 Elected

----David Nebesnuick (Ind. for Penzance) 296

----Carol Anne Dennis (Ind)  270

----John Moreland (Ind)  242

Heamoor (3 places)

----Jack Dixon (Lib Dem)  441 Elected

----Karen Baker (Ind)   316 Elected

----Bonnie Jackson (Ind for Heamoor) 314 Elected

----Alana Bate (Lab) 243

----Mike Lovegrove (Ind) 210

----Keith Perry (Ind) 175

----Margaret Perry (Ind) 177

----John Le Bretton (The Cornish Nationalist Party) 120

Gulval  (1 place)- numbers to follow

Roy Mann (Ind)  Elected

Mark Hassall (Lab)

Fiona Thomas-Lambourn (Ind)

Cornwall Council election results are available online  

There will be a total of 12 new faces on Penzance Town Council (out of 20) when the new Council meets for the first time.  It will be a much younger Council and it will be a more diverse/representitive Council (less old and male).

Thursday 4 May 2017

Die is Cast for 4 May Election

The ‘die is cast’ for tomorrow's elections – or it is as far as candidates are concerned as they can do no more to advance their causes (voters will be relieved).

Approximately half of all of the votes to be counted on Friday will have been cast over a week ago by post based upon 2013 behaviours.  Although only ~25% of the electorate vote by post ‘turnout’ is typically 85% (a national average) meaning that postal voters are particularly significant in deciding who gets elected.  Turnout amongst those who vote in person is usually around 25% - if it rose to 50% then the result really would be decided on polling day.  In 2013 Pz East was won with a margin of just 20 extra votes!   The message therefore is please vote - it is important who represents you locally in these uncertain times. 

Choices for Cornwall Council are:

Penzance Central

Dick Cliffe (Ind)

Will Elliott (Con)

Cornelius Olivier (Lab) – current councillor

Penny Young (Lib Dem)

Penzance Promenade

Jim McKenna (Ind) – current councillor

Tracey Halliday (Lab)

Will Morris (Green)

George Daniel  (Lib Dem)

Gemma Riley (Con)

Gulval & Heamoor

Mario Fonk  (Lib Dem) – current councillor

Alana Bates (Lab)

Simon Jones (Con)

Penzance East

Tim Dwelly (Lab) – current councillor

Joseph Bennie (Con)

Richard Goedegebuur (Lib Dem)

Rob Simmons (MK)

Jonathan How (Green)

Paul Nicholson (UKIP)

Newlyn & Mousehole
Roger Harding (Con) - current councillor
Nigel Davis
Theo Blackmore (Lib Dem)
Christoper Drew (Lab)
Adrian Smith (UKIP)