Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Saturday 6 May 2017

Penzance Town Council Election Results

Penzance Promenade (4 places)

----Nigel Pengelly (Future for Penzance)  745 Elected

----Nigel Waller (Ind)  632 Elected

----Dick Cliffe (Ind)   672 Elected

----Tracey Halliday (Ind) 607  Elected

----William Morris (Green) 415 Not Elected

Penzance Central (4 places)

----Penny Young (Lib Dem)  740 Elected

----Nicole Broadhurst (Lab) 611 Elected

----Will Elliott (Con) 349 Elected

----Simon Reed (Ind) 300 Elected

----David Nebesnuick (Ind. for Penzance) 296

----Carol Anne Dennis (Ind)  270

----John Moreland (Ind)  242

Heamoor (3 places)

----Jack Dixon (Lib Dem)  441 Elected

----Karen Baker (Ind)   316 Elected

----Bonnie Jackson (Ind for Heamoor) 314 Elected

----Alana Bate (Lab) 243

----Mike Lovegrove (Ind) 210

----Keith Perry (Ind) 175

----Margaret Perry (Ind) 177

----John Le Bretton (The Cornish Nationalist Party) 120

Gulval  (1 place)- numbers to follow

Roy Mann (Ind)  Elected

Mark Hassall (Lab)

Fiona Thomas-Lambourn (Ind)

Cornwall Council election results are available online  

There will be a total of 12 new faces on Penzance Town Council (out of 20) when the new Council meets for the first time.  It will be a much younger Council and it will be a more diverse/representitive Council (less old and male).

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