Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Friday 28 April 2017

Penzance Harbour - HGV Congestion

 Penzance Harbour has a number of issues some of which require substantial investment to solve.  One problem that ought to be solvable in the short to medium term without alot of money has to be the nonsense of HGV vehicles queuing along The Quay right around the corner (The Dolphin).  Wharf Road.  See Nigel Waller's video on Facebook at the link.....

Nigel Waller (Bosuns) - Standing for Town Council (Promenade Ward)

Nigel Waller is one of the 5 candidates for the 4 Town Council seats in Promenade Ward.  Nigel is standing as an Independent.  Nigel is a well known businessman in the Town and has in the past served on the committee of the local tourism association. He has been campaigning for years for improvements in Penzance Harbour and the publicity he created over 'wrecks' moored in the Harbour (one of which sank) eventually spurred  Cornwall Council in to action which saw several 'wrecks' removed and broken up.

You can view Nigel's leaflet/manifesto here.  

The other 4 candidates are me (Dick Cliffe (Ind.)), Nigel Pengelly (Ind. Future for Penzance), Tracey Halliday (Lab) and William Morris (Green).

Monday 24 April 2017

Penzance Central - Notice of Poll & Polling Stations

One of the 4 polling stations has changed for Penzance Central election on 4 May; they are:

  • St John’s Hall
  • Fountain Court (Community Room), St Clare
  • Wharfside Shopping Centre (The Changing Room) (in 2013 - Portacabin Cross St)
  • Methodist Church (Primary Room, Centenary Hall) Chapel St. 
The formal Notice of Poll giving full details of candidates standing for election to Cornwall Council for Penzance Central can be found here.   

On the 4 May, voters will be choosing:
-  1 out of 4 candidates to represent them at Cornwall Council
-  4 out of 8 candidates to represent them on Penzance Town Council.

Friday 14 April 2017

Update on Elections to Penzance Town Council

Update on Elections to Penzance Town Council – those standing:….

Penzance Promenade (4 seats)

----Dick Cliffe (Ind)

----Nigel Pengelly (Future for Penzance)

----Tracey Halliday (Lab)

----William Morris (Green)

----Nigel Waller (Independent)

Penzance Central (4 places)

----Penny Young (Lib Dem)

----John Moreland (Ind)

----David Nebesnuick (Independent for Penzance)

----Simon Reed (Ind)

----Carol Anne Dennis (Ind)

----Nicole Broadhurst (Lab)

----Will Elliott (Con)

Heamoor (3 places)

----Karen Baker (Ind

----Bonnie Jackson (Ind for Heamoor)

----Alana Bate (Lab)

----Jack Dixon (Lib Dem)

----Mike Lovegrove (Ind)

----Keith Perry (Ind)

----Margaret Perry (Ind)

----John Le Bretton (The Cornish Nationalist Party)

Gulval  (1 place)

----Roy Mann (Ind)

----Mark Hassall (Lab)

----Fiona Thomas-Lambourn (Ind)

Newlyn & Mousehole.  No election.  Following duly elected:

Dennis Axford  (Ind),  Nigel Davis  (Ind), Sue Bosworth  (Ind), John Lamborne (Lab)

Penzance East .  No election. Following elected:……Rob Simmons (MK), Neil Roach (Ind. A Future for Penzance), Jonathan How (Green), Steve Cordell (Lab).