Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Deadline for Voter Registration (or changing address)

Thursday 13 April is the last day for registering to vote (or updating your electoral registration) to ensure you are on the register on election day. Only individuals can register but it is easy to do online - just National Insurance Number and previous address details plus personal 'stuff'. The consequences of not voting can be dire!  Parents might want to check adult children - it is too easy to move frequently and forget to register.  If you don't vote then you don't count (politically) and your concerns are irrelevent in the political sphere!
Last day to apply for a postal vote is 18 Apr.
Last day to apply for proxy vote is 25th Apr.

Voter registration link here 
Application for postal vote - form here 
Proxy voting arrangements here 

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