Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Sunday 18 April 2021

Heamoor & Gulval Nominations

The candidates for Cornwall Council’s  Ludgvan, Madron, Gulval and Heamoor electoral division are listed below.  The division is greatly enlarged following the Boundary Review. 

Nominations for Cornwall Council.  One vote out of the following candidates:

ELLIOTT,  Simon J,           5 Pendrea Road, Gulval, TR18 3ND                   Conservative Party

GEORGE,  Andrew H,        (address in Cornwall)                                       Liberal Democrats

NICHOLSON, Paul W L,     Avalon, Brea Fm, St Buryan, Pz TR19 6JB        Liberal Party in Cornwall          

RUSSELL Mark A. G.   1 Lower Tremenheere Farm, Ludgvan, Pz TR20 8XG   Green Party


 Ludgvan, Madron, Gulval and Heamoor Division

             From Cornwall Council Inter-active map

The candidates for Heamoor & Gulval ward for Penzance Council are listed below.  The ward’s eastern boundary (see map below) has changed with Eastern Green now included in East Penzance in order to balance the size of the divisions.

Nominations for Penzance Council.  Vote for three of the following candidates:

JACKSON,  Bonny,   11 Mounts Bay Rd, Alverton, Penzance, TR18 4QR              Independent 


REYNOLDS,  Stephen John,    Polmennor Ho. Polmennor Rd, Heamoor, Pz TR20 8UW

                                                                                       Independent Community Candidate          

SLEEMAN,  Brendan James     (address in Cornwall)    Leaflet here 

SORRELL,  Richard Higher      Hellangove Fm, Badgers Cross, Gulval, Pz,  TR20 8XD                                                                                                                                             Liberal Democrat

Penzance Council - Heamoor & Gulval Ward

            From Cornwall Council Inter-active map

Newlyn & Mousehole Nominations

The candidates for Cornwall Council’s Mousehole, Newlyn & St Buryan electoral division are listed below.  The division is greatly enlarged following the Boundary Review. 

Nominations for Cornwall Council.  One vote for one of the following:

BOLITHO,  William Major  (address in Cornwall)                                               Conservative Party

FLINDALL,  Ian Edward      Chypraze Farm, Morvah, Penzance, TR19 7TU            Green Party

MARRINGTON,  Thalia Simone,     4 Merlin Place, Mousehole,  TR19 6SH             Liberal Democrats

 Mousehole, Newlyn & St Buryan Electoral Division

Map from Cornwall Council Inter-active Map

The candidates for Newlyn & Mousehole ward for Penzance Council are listed below.  The ward’s eastern boundary has been moved across The Coombe to include Tolcarne such that all of Newlyn is now included in Newlyn & Mousehole ward.

Nominations for Penzance Council.  Five votes for five of the following:

AXFORD, Dennis John,       9 Quillet Road, Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5QR      Independent

BOSWORTH,  Susan J,       Mortimore Ho., Old Paul Hill, Newlyn, TR18 5BX   Conservative  

CRAGO,  Rob,                    29 Florence Place, Newlyn, PZ, TR18 5PT (leaflet) Newlyn Independent

DAVIS,  Nigel Ashley,         5 Forbes Close, Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5EU       Conservative Party

DONALDSON,  Oliver James,  (address in Cornwall)                                     Independent

LAMBOURN,  John Stove,       4 Glenway, Adit Lane, Newlyn,  TR18 5DY        Independent,                                                                                                                             Owner Lugger Ripple

MARRINGTON,  Thalia Simone. 4 Merlin Place, Mousehole, TR19 6SH            Liberal Democrats

RABBITTE,  Michael Thomas,  9 Orchard Court, Penzance, TR18 4SX  (leaflet)   Independent

Penzance Council - Newlyn & Mousehole Ward

Map from Cornwall Council Inter-active Map

Friday 16 April 2021

Promenade Ward - Dick Cliffe

 I am standing for re-election to Penzance Council on 6 May as an independent councillor under the 'Independent Penzance' banner with colleagues keen to make things happen in Penzance.  

I am standing as an independent because the issues at parish level are not party political in nature and national party affiliation can become 'baggage' and at worst result in Penzance Council being used as a pawn/play thing  in higher level political battles. 

My 'manifesto' is summarized in our joint leaflet (front here, back here) but a more detailed version is provided here.  My contact details are provided on the leaflet.  

Promenade Ward – Penzance Council

There are 6 independent councillors standing in Promenade Ward.  Four of us are standing under the 'Independent Penzance' banner as explained in our leaflet.  We are supporting Jim McKenna, the current Cornwall Councillor for Promenade for re-election.  

Karen Baker, one of the current three Heamoor Councillors on the Council has decided to stand as an independent in her own ward (Promenade) as she lives in Alverton.  We learnt Karen was standing for Promenade after the our leaflet went to press otherwise she would have been included in it.  Karen has a long record of working in the community and we support her as an independent  candidate for Promenade Ward.  

You can download our flyer (pdf document) here (front) and here (candidates). 

See the earlier blog post for details of all of the candidates standing in Promenade Ward for Penzance Council.


Saturday 10 April 2021

Penzance East Nominations & New Boundaries.

Penzance East Electoral Division boundaries have changed both to the west and the east due to the electoral boundary review.  Penzance East now include part of what was Penzance Central and part of what was Gulval ward.    

Nominations for Cornwall Council.  One vote for one of the following:

DRISCOLL,    Roger Keith,   (address in Cornwall)                                              Independent 

DWELLY,  Tim,    Lower Chellew Farm,  Trenowin, Vellanoweth, TR20 8BL            Independent

HOW,   Jonathan Mark,   Wood Carvers Cottage, Lescudjack Rd, Pz TR18 3AD      Green Party

LAWLOR  Zach,     Pleasant House,  Pleasant Terrace, St Just, Pz, TR19 7JG         Lib Dem

MCCLARY,  Megan Louise,     (address in Cornwall)                                            Conservative Party

OLIVIER,   Cornelius Michael John,  26 Boscaswell Village,  Pendeen, TR19 7EP    The Labour Party


Nominations for Penzance Council.  Six votes for the following:

ASHTON,  Miki,   (address in Cornwall)        (Leaflet here)                            Penzance Independent

BEVERIDGE,  Marion Joan,   The Old Mill, Nancledra, Pz, TR20 8NA               Labour Party

DRISCOLL,  Roger Keith,   (address in Cornwall)                                          Independent

DURRANT,   Melville John,  38 Trewellard Rd, Pendeen, Pz TR19 7ST (LeafletIndependent Penzance

GINIERES,   William James Paul,  8 Tremenheere Rd, Pz TR18 2AH (Leaflet)  Penzance Independent

HOW,  Jonathan Mark,  Wood Carvers Cottage, Lescudjack Rd, PZ TR18 3AD  Green Party

LAWLOR Zach,  Pleasant House, Pleasant Terrace, St Just, Pz TR19 7JG         Liberal Democrats

POE,  David Lewis,   3 Owen Vean, Gears Lane, Goldsithney, TR20 9LB  (Leaflet) Independent Penzance

THOMAS,  Ben,  14A Lannoweth Rd, Pz  TR18 3AB       (Leaflet)                    Penzance Independent

Change to the west boundary of Pz East.....

Change to the eastern boundary of Pz East.......

Penzance Promenade - 6 May 21 Elections

Penzance Promenade has new boundaries due to the Boundary Review.  The boundary with Newlyn has moved east (to Rock Rd) so that all of Newlyn is now in Newlyn & Mousehole Ward.  The eastern boundary has moved eastward to cover half of what was previously Penzance Central Electoral Division - see map below.

 Nominations for Cornwall Council.  Vote for one of the following:

BLACK,  Kezia Alexandra,            (address in Cornwall)                                Green Party

BROADHURST,  Nicole Chantal,  (address in Cornwall)                                Labour Party

ELLIOTT,  Will,                          18A Marine Tce, Pz TR18 4DL                     Conservative Party

HADLEY,  Philippe Marc,             (address in Cornwall)                                 Liberal Democrats

MCKENNA,  Jim,                        9 Oakland Mews, Pz  TR18 2FF                   Independent

Nominations for Penzance Council.  Vote for six of the following:

BAKER, Karen Marie,     8 Mounts Bay Rd,  Alverton, Pz TR18 4QP                Independent

BROADHURST, Nicole Chantal,     (address in Cornwall)                              Labour Party

CLIFFE,  Dick,     Treleigh, Bay View Villas, Pz  TR18 4HU   (leaflet)              Penzance Independent

ELLIOTT.  Will     18A Marine Terrace, Pz TR18 4DL                                     Conservative Party

FREEMAN,  Stephen Albert,     10(A) Morrab Road, Pz, TR18 4EZ                  Independent

MCKENNA,  Jim,     9 Oakland Mews, St Michael’s St, Pz  TR18 2FF (leaflet)   Independent

PENGELLY,  Nigel Gerald,     8 Landeryon Gardens, Pz  TR18 4JN  (leaflet)    Penzance Independent

WALLER,  Nigel Norman,  Bosuns Locker Cottage, 4 Dock Lane, Pz (leaflet)   Independent Penzance

YOUNG,  Penny,     7 Regent Square, Penzance,  TR18 4BG,                     Liberal Democrats

Map extract taken from Cornwall Council inter-active map.

Nominations for 6 May 21 Election - Penzance

Nominations for the 6 May election have closed (8 Apr) and the lists have been published (Cornwall Council and town/parish councils) .   

Penzance Council has 20 councillor seats spread between 4 wards.  A total of 30 nominations have been accepted.

Heamoor & Gulval:        3 seats,    4 candidates 

Penzance Promenade:    6 seats,    9 candidates (inc. 8 current councillors)

Penzance East:              6 seats,    9 candidates 

Newlyn & Mousehole:    5 seats,     8 candidates  

 There will be vote for Penzance Councillors in all four wards for the first time in over 12 years.  In the 2017 eight councillors (40%) were ‘duly elected’ and joined Penzance Council without receiving a single vote because too few candidates came forward to make a vote necessary and possible.  This is not knocking the public- spirited individuals who stood and served on the Council but it is not ‘democracy in action’ when the electorate don’t have a choice over who represents them. 

There will be no vote on 6 May for town councillors for St Ives or Newquay.   Camborne will have a vote in 1 out of 3 wards and Falmouth 2 out of 4 wards.   Smaller parishes really struggle to get people to stand for election – there will be no parish council votes in Penzance’s neighbouring parishes (Madron, St Buryan, Marazion or Ludgvan).   More details to follow for Penzance electoral districts and wards.