Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Saturday 10 April 2021

Penzance East Nominations & New Boundaries.

Penzance East Electoral Division boundaries have changed both to the west and the east due to the electoral boundary review.  Penzance East now include part of what was Penzance Central and part of what was Gulval ward.    

Nominations for Cornwall Council.  One vote for one of the following:

DRISCOLL,    Roger Keith,   (address in Cornwall)                                              Independent 

DWELLY,  Tim,    Lower Chellew Farm,  Trenowin, Vellanoweth, TR20 8BL            Independent

HOW,   Jonathan Mark,   Wood Carvers Cottage, Lescudjack Rd, Pz TR18 3AD      Green Party

LAWLOR  Zach,     Pleasant House,  Pleasant Terrace, St Just, Pz, TR19 7JG         Lib Dem

MCCLARY,  Megan Louise,     (address in Cornwall)                                            Conservative Party

OLIVIER,   Cornelius Michael John,  26 Boscaswell Village,  Pendeen, TR19 7EP    The Labour Party


Nominations for Penzance Council.  Six votes for the following:

ASHTON,  Miki,   (address in Cornwall)        (Leaflet here)                            Penzance Independent

BEVERIDGE,  Marion Joan,   The Old Mill, Nancledra, Pz, TR20 8NA               Labour Party

DRISCOLL,  Roger Keith,   (address in Cornwall)                                          Independent

DURRANT,   Melville John,  38 Trewellard Rd, Pendeen, Pz TR19 7ST (LeafletIndependent Penzance

GINIERES,   William James Paul,  8 Tremenheere Rd, Pz TR18 2AH (Leaflet)  Penzance Independent

HOW,  Jonathan Mark,  Wood Carvers Cottage, Lescudjack Rd, PZ TR18 3AD  Green Party

LAWLOR Zach,  Pleasant House, Pleasant Terrace, St Just, Pz TR19 7JG         Liberal Democrats

POE,  David Lewis,   3 Owen Vean, Gears Lane, Goldsithney, TR20 9LB  (Leaflet) Independent Penzance

THOMAS,  Ben,  14A Lannoweth Rd, Pz  TR18 3AB       (Leaflet)                    Penzance Independent

Change to the west boundary of Pz East.....

Change to the eastern boundary of Pz East.......

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