Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Monday 9 March 2020

Proposed Changes to Penzance Parish (Community Governance Review)

Because of the reduction in the number of Cornwall Councillors (divisions) from 123 to 87 changes are necessary to 29 parishes (typically ‘warding’ arrangements’) - these are not generally controversial. Cornwall Council has taken the opportunity to invite individuals and organisations to propose other changes in how local communities are represented at parish/town level. Penzance is unique in having 3 proposals to breakaway parts of the parish to create new parishes or join another parish.

Cornwall Council has considered the proposals and is recommending ‘no change’ primarily on the grounds that the current Penzance parish, covering as it does the entire built-up area of Penzance, better facilitates delivery of services than a smaller core town centre parish with the surrounding built-up area broken into separate parishes. The Council’s recommendations are open to public consultation until 24 March.

The consultation programme is here .

All proposals for Penzance and West Penwith parishes (as submitted) can be found here.

Cornwall Council's consultation document for West Penwith parishes (a summary of proposals) is here (Items 2, 3 10 and 11 refer to Penzance Parish)

What are the Proposals?

Heamoor (Create new Parish). Proposer: Heamoor Village Council Steering Gp.

Newlyn (Create new Parish). Proposer: An individual.

Gulval Village (merge with Madron). Proposer: Gulval Village Community Assn.

Newlyn/Mousehole. Create a separate Mousehole Ward with 1 councillor, Newlyn Ward to have 3 councillors. Total councillor number remains unchanged.  Proposed by Cornwall Council.

How to respond

View consultation document: for West Penwith click here (items 2, 3 10 and 11 refer to Penzance Parish proposals).

Respond by:

Mail: Downloading the form (here – Word format) and returning in the post to Cornwall Council, Community Governance Review, Room 4S, Treyew Road, Truro TR1 3AY (by 24 March 2020).

Email: Downloading the form (see above) and returning it attached to an email (necessary if including maps).

Online (easiest). Click here and scroll to bottom of page and click on West Penwith Community Network Area and then click on Consultation Feedback Form. Consider drafting your reply in a Word document and cutting and pasting for simplicity.

In the online feedback document…..

Page 1 Who you represent (if responding for an organization)

Page 2 Applicable parish & comments

- select “Penzance” .

- select live in parish “yes” or “no”

- Complete your comments – start your comments with “No 2 Heamoor”, “No 3 Newlyn”, “No 10 Gulval” or “ No 11” Newlyn/Mousehole Warding” as applicable (you can comment on all if you wish).

Pages 3, 4 and 5. Respond “No” unless wishing to comment on changes proposed for other parishes.

Page 6. About you (demographic information).

Updates since start of Consultation.

-  The proposer for creation of the new Newlyn Parish acknowledged at the public meeting in St John’s Hall on 27 Feb 2020 that proposals for a separate parish were not sufficiently developed and would be better deferred to the next Governance Review. This does not prevent electors in the parish from commenting idea in this consultation.

-  Regarding Gulval, the consultation document refers to Madron making the proposal but it was made by GVCA (Gulval).  Madron Parish Council decided to oppose it at their parish meeting on 6 Feb 2020.

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