Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Friday 19 July 2019

Coming soon - another General Election - Don't be Silent

The largest party in the next General Election will be the same party as always – the party of non-voters - see here for the implications.  Typically 34% of registered voters don’t vote in General Elections. To this can be added those who have not registered (may have moved house or never registered).

Check Registration:  You can check your voter registration with Cornwall Council (phone or email enquiry) detail here 

Registration to Vote:  You can register to vote online – check here.  (need NI number, they like your passport number, takes 5 minutes).

Postal Vote:  Avoid the risk of being ‘away on the day' – apply here

Appoint a Proxy:  You can appoint somebody else to vote for you (in Armed Force? travel a lot?): apply here 

Special situations:

Students:  Don't miss out on your vote.  See advice here

EU Nationals:  Register to vote in local elections. See rules here.

Armed Forces:  Register as ordinary voter or as service voter if likely to be posted overseas.  Advice here.

UK Citizens Overseas:  See rules here

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