Penzance Town Centre

Penzance Town Centre

Saturday 18 February 2017

Independent Councillors for Penzance Wards

We are campaigning for more individuals to stand for election to Penzance Town Council.  We want to see a Town Council that is more representative (it is rather old and male currently) of the electorate, that is free of national  political affiliations and that is ambitious for Penzance.

We take our inspiration from ‘Independents for Frome’, who in 2011 won 11 out of 17 seats on their Council and who then went on to transform Frome.  In doing so they sent a shock wave through the political establishment inspiring change where change was long overdue.

We are encouraging candidates to stand as independent councillors because the issues at Town Council level are not party political in the national sense.  Party affilations can create divided loyalties and voting by party affiliation (by clique) rather than in the best interests of the electorate.  

Standing as an independent councillor for the first time can be lonely and intimidating so we have created Independent Penzance  - a campaigning and support group for reform minded independent councillors who want to make a difference in Penzance.

If you are interested in standing as an independent candidate on the 4 May 2017 and if you support the core values and ways of working adopted by Independents for Frome (view here) then contact either of us.

Cllr Nigel Davis (Independent) Newlyn & Mousehole Ward (
Cllr Dick Cliffe (Independent)  Promenade Ward (

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